Beers on Tap

American & Belgian Ales IBU O.G. ABV
Day Walker381.0586.5%
Freak of Nature DIPA???1.0718.5%
Gluten FREEk901.0688%
Heresy Brown Ale391.0696.9%
Hop Burglar IPA401.0606.6%
Infidel Porter321.0646.7%
Lupulin Lab 05256401.0657%
Sir Ryan the Pounder251.0464.7%
American & Belgian Ales IBU O.G. ABV
Sweet Talker IPA251.0343.8%
Bedeviled Golden Strong251.0678.4%
Cardinal Sin Red251.0647.3%
Mosaic Saison331.0546.2%
Reticenct Saison231.0526.0%
Sovereign Belgian Stout261.0646.1%
V Saison231.0667.5%
XXV Hopped Up Saison331.0566.9%

Coming Soon

  • Orange Peel Pale Ale

What's Brewing

  • Brother Wolf Mutt IPA
  • Infidel Porter