Beers on Tap

American & Belgian Ales IBU O.G. ABV
Decoy Red Ale541.0535.7%
Freak of Nature DIPA???1.0718.6%
Heresy Brown Ale321.0637%
India Blue IPA441.0496.1%
Infidel Porter321.0637%
Lupulin Lab Topaz471.0586.6%
Napoleon Complex IPA301.0434.5%
Pernicious IPA701.0647.6%
American & Belgian Ales IBU O.G. ABV
Sir Ryan the Pounder281.0444.8%
Sweet Talker251.0353.9%
Tyranny Hoppy Red551.0667.2%
Beware the Belgians261.0748.8%
Luncatic Blonde271.0597.5%
Pu-er Saison121.0536.2%
Relenting & Dubbeled301.0535.0%
Reticent Saison261.0526.1%
XLII Juniper Saison261.0526.4%
From the Funkatorium
Amorous Sour IPA7.0%
Black Angel6.8%
Wicked From The Wood
XL Whiskey Barrel-Aged Peppercorn Saison10.6%

Cask & Nitro

  • English Bitter on Cask
  • Infidel Porter on Nitro

Coming Soon

  • Red Angel Bottle Release Sunday March 29th