Beers on Tap

American & Belgian Ales IBU O.G. ABV
Baldwin St. IPA301.0546.1%
Calimost Gose241.0373.7%
Freak of Nature DIPA???1.0718.6%
Glutenous Minimus601.0536.1%
Java the Hop Coffee Pale Ale301.0465%
Lupulin Lab: New Zealand Southern Cross IPA471.0566%
New Direction DIPA301.0728.5%
Patriarch Pale Ale381.0546.1%
Pearfigt IPA6.3%
American & Belgian Ales IBU O.G. ABV
Ruffian Black IPA781.0869.8%
Sir Ryan the Pounder301.0444.8%
Sweet Talker IPA391.0363.8%
Tabernacle Crush161.0677.8%
Tyranny Red IPA551.0617%
Lumiere Rouge251.0646.9%
Lunatic Blonde271.0525.7%
Pu-er Saison121.0556.8%
Reticent Saison261.0505.3%
From the Funkatorium
Lusus Naturae7.9%
Wicked From The Wood
There are currently no selections at this time. Please check back soon!

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