Beer: Our Beers

Our Beers

  • Freak of Nature Double IPA

    Freak of Nature Double IPA is our hoppiest ale. The focus of this beer was to create a hop delivery vehicle. We dry hop this beer at a rate of almost four pounds of hops per barrel. The resulting blend of dank and citrus forward hops make for a palate changing experience. Hopheads, rejoice. This is your beer.

  • Ruffian Black IPA

    Hopheads and dark beer lovers alike, this ale is for you. This 9% abv beast of a beer is black as night and dry hopped like a double IPA. Although dark and full-bodied, this beer lacks the astringent bitterness you would find in a roasty stout.

  • Pernicious IPA

    Pernicious is our flagship India Pale Ale. This massively dry-hopped ale has minimum malt complexity and a combination of juicy, tropical fruit-forward hops with heavy resinous American hops. Pernicious is the epitome of a West Coast IPA, made right here in the Southeast.

  • Tabernacle Crush

    Tabernacle crush, the cocktail that inspired this beer, is a refreshing blend of Sauvignon blanc, gin and southern peaches. This slightly sweet beer brings all those flavors to life with its effervescent mouthfeel and fruit-forward palate.

  • Tyranny Red IPA

    This ale is a nod to the Northwestern states. Tyranny is a robust, sunset red colored ale with a dank evergreen and grapefruit aroma. Flavors of toffee, caramel and sugar cane bring a sweetness to the hop flavor that is hard to achieve.

  • Glutenous Minimus

    This IPA is made using an enzymatic process that reduces the gluten in beer. For this addition to our gluten reduced ales we chose Columbus, Amarillo, and Pacific Jade hops to impart a citrus forward hop character. Coming in at less than 10 ppm gluten this lovely IPA will please any beer drinker’s palate whether you steer clear of gluten or not.

  • Patriarch Pale Ale

    Inspired by traditional Vienna-style lager, this malt-forward pale ale combines the sweet, toasty characteristics of German Vienna malt with floral, citrusy American hops bringing Old World lore and craft beer together. Sip on this one and toast to those that have forged the way to making great beer possible.

  • Baldwin St. IPA

    Named after the steepest street in the world, located in Dunedin, New Zealand, this IPA showcases hops grown in the same region. With a tangerine and grapefruit aroma, this delightful IPA will leave the taste of pineapple and pine on your palate.

  • Sweet Talker IPA

    The goal for this tasty, sessionable IPA was to create a beer with high flavor and low alcohol by volume. We used body building malts and some of our favorite hops to create a full-flavored, hop forward IPA. After a hard day’s work, this is our entire brewing team’s beer of choice.

  • Lupulin Lab: New Zealand Southern Cross

    Lupulin Lab is our single hop IPA series. For this brew we used New Zealand Southern Cross hops, which add a balance of earth and pine and a subtle blend of sassafras and star anise spice.

  • New Direction DIPA

    This creation is a collaborative beer made with Riverbend Malthouse to raise money for the Asheville Greenway project. This 8% abv ale was made with Barley from Riverbend, a blend of Australian hops, and smoked Nectarines. $2 of every pint will benefit Friends of Connect Buncombe, which supports implementation of the City and County Greenways and Trails Plans to develop a system of connected pedestrian and bike pathways for public use. Look for the next Greenway collab between Burial Brewing and Wedge Brewing next month.

  • Java the Hop Coffee Pale Ale

    This coffee pale ale combines the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee up front and a strong hop flavor rounded out by a silky smooth finish. Java the Hop is where your coffee break meets ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.’

  • Calimost Gose

    Pronounced “GOH-zuh”, this style of beer is traditionally brewed with the heavy use of wheat and spiced with salt and coriander. This addition to our ‘Most Gose’ series incorporates these traditional ingredients with the addition of honey and grapefruit for a fruity aroma and refreshingly salty finish.

  • Sir Ryan the Pounder

    Sir Ryan the Pounder is an American session ale. Its bready malt character is balanced with bright Centennial, Amarillo and Cascade hops making this beer exceptionally drinkable. This ale was made to enjoy with friends in pints or pitchers, so pull up a stool and cheers to Sir Ryan.

  • PapI.P.A.

    Hops and fruit are such a lovely combo, and this 7% ale showcases both. Hopped like a traditional West Coast India Pale Ale, this beer saw the addition of 50 lbs of papaya and Amarillo, Columbus and Centenniel hops in the secondary fermentor.

  • Reticent Saison

    This is our house saison made in the tradition of the farmhouses in Belgium. We ferment this ale in our open fermentation room to allow the saison yeast to create as much flavor as possible. Reticent is brewed with oats, giving a silky mouthfeel, and rye, adding a slight spicy character, making this an extremely authentic saison.

  • Pu-er Saison

    This 6.8% abv saison collaboration with Dobra Tea of Asheville is brewed with Pu-er tea, an ancient Chinese green tea aged from 8 to 75 years. This bright sunray yellow ale has a unique dried papaya, coconut and lemongrass nose with a silky smooth light mouthfeel from the addition of Chinese rice. Take a sip and transcend to the streets of Shanghai.

  • Bretticent

    This traditional saison is brewed using North Carolina grown barley, wheat, and rye from Riverbend Malthouse and is open fermented. The beer is then finished with Brettanomyces and bottled. Drink it fresh, or let it age and bring out the funk.

  • Serenity

    Serenity is Brettanomyces in its purest form. This tart farmhouse ale is aged in wine barrels 3-5 months and is then blended and aged in the bottle until perfect for release.

  • Lusus Naturae

    This ale is a dry, North Carolina Double IPA brewed with Riverbend malt and 30 pounds of fresh Cascade hops from Echoview farm. It was then finished with our house brettanomyces strain. Hoppy up front with a slight wild finish, this ale will get funkier with time. We highly recommend taking home a bottle for your cellar.

  • Medora

    Medora is a blonde sour ale aged in red wine barrels with one pound of blackberries and raspberries per gallon. The result is a beautiful fuchsia ale with bright berry character.