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Our Beers

  • Freak of Nature Double IPA

    The Freak of Nature is our San Francisco inspired hoppy monster. At 8% abv and who knows how many ibu’s, this beer is our shrine to the Hop. Absurd amounts of the big West Coast hops gives this beer its citrusy, weedy nose and big, dank flavor. We dry hop with 48lbs per batch, which is over 3lbs of hops per barrel. In keeping with the classic style of the West Coast double, sugar plays a large part in creating this dry and minimally bitter double IPA. The Freak is particularly pintable for the style, so if you dare to enter, we welcome you to the Freak Show.

  • Mexico

    South of the border you’ll find a country full of culture and spicy, cuisine. For a beer that represents this wonderful country of fiestas, we knew it had to be low in alcohol and full of spice. We used fresh cilantro, Anaheim and Habanero peppers to create this zesty number. Fill up a glass of cervasa and Salud!

  • Hop Burglar

    Brewed with blood orange purée and fresh grapefruit zest, this beer is unlike any other. The richness of blood oranges pairs perfectly with the tart flavor of grapefruit and hops. We dry hopped this beer with Amarillo and other top secret hops. Why the name Hop Burglar? Level 5 clearance required for this information.

  • 1519 Pale Ale

    In the year 1519, King Henry VIII called hops “a wicked and pernicious weed”. We love all things wicked, and maybe that’s why we find hops so irresistible. This session-able pale is dry hopped with four different varieties of hops, leading to a lovely aroma and smooth balanced hop flavor. If you are on the fence when it comes to hoppy beers, give this one a try. You just might join the wicked.

  • Pounder in the UK

    In February, the Dickinson boys received the honor of brewing Sir Ryan the Pounder in England for Everards Brewery. This mash up of Sir Ryan and England is the identical beer they brewed in the UK and the second of three English inspired beers we have brewed with Everards’ yeast. Brewed, also, with Marris Otter and dry hopped with Centennial and Falconer’s Flight expect a more fruit forward and malt heavy version of Sir Ryan.

  • Coolcumber

    Inspired by a Hendricks gin basil cooler, Coolcumber is made with cucumber, basil, and juniper berries. Just like making a great cocktail, this beer is dosed carefully with its ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind flavor experience. Golden in color and wonderfully drinkable.

  • Brazil

    This ale was inspired by “Capirinha” the national cocktail of Brazil, this year’s host country for the FIFA World Cup. Made with sugar cane and over 30 pounds of zested limes, this ale is overflowing with bright and refreshing flavors of lime and balanced wonderfully with the rum-like sweetness of fermented sugarcane. Saude!

  • Heresy Brown

    At 7.7% abv this is a dangerously drinkable beer (in a good way). The color is milk chocolate brown with a red hue. We use a considerable amount of chocolate and crystal malts to give this beer a rich malt flavor and we add a generous amount of American hops to give Heresy a Wicked punch. This ale is dry hopped, which is not traditional for this style, but we think it makes it downright tasty! This is the best pairing on our beer list for a burger.

  • Honduras

    Honduras is one of many South American countries that lay claim to the fermented corn beer Chicha. This version of Chicha was brewed with corn, fresh straw in the mash, and boiled with lemon zest, cinnamon sticks, clove and fresh mint. The resulting brew is mildly spiced in flavor with a zesty refreshing quality from the corn. Pura Vida!

  • Ghana

    Inspired by the traditional African honey wine T’ej this beer is made with over 300 pounds of Wild Flower and Orange Blossom honey and spiced with Gesho root and black cardamom. This lovely ale celebrates the vibrancy and brilliance of the Continent Mata mata!

  • Lupulin Lab: Bravo

    Lupulin Lab IPA is our single hopped IPA series. This version uses a unique hop called Bravo. Originally developed as a bittering hop for large beer manufacturers, the open pollinated, American hop produced amazing flavors. Showcasing bright citrus rind and floral aromas and flavors, the low bitterness and huge flavor make this beer a favorite for our staff.

  • France

    France is home to great cuisine, fresh ingredients, and farmhouse saisons. This saison is brewed with French Aramis Hops and Chanterelles mushrooms from France. Chanterelles carry a unique rosy aroma and sweet flavor which pairs nicely with the aromas of saison yeast and these rare hops. Santé!

  • Decoy Red

    This red ale is hit with a 21pound blend of cascade, centennial, and chinook hops in the whirlpool, which is where beer receives most of its flavor and aroma structure. No dry hop here, but still expect loads of awesome hop flavor complimenting the malty rich flavors of caramel malts.

  • Nitro Tap: English Infidel

    The third beer in our English series and the first ever beer for our new nitro tap, this version of Infidel porter is a proper English style porter and a true reflection of the malty Everards Brewery yeast. Cheers to old traditions and new taps.

  • France

    France is home to great cuisine, fresh ingredients, and farmhouse saisons. This saison is brewed with French Aramis Hops and Chanterelles mushrooms from France. Chanterelles carry a unique rosy aroma and sweet flavor which pairs nicely with the aromas of saison yeast and these rare hops. Santé!

  • England

    Earlier this year two of our brewers Walt and Luke brewed a beer in England with Everards Brewery. They brought the yeast from that brewery back with them to create this true English Bitter. Brewed with 100% English Marris Otter malt and East Kent Goldings hops this is about as authentic they come. Cheers and Cheerio!

  • XXXIV Poperinge Saison IPA

    Named for the largest hop growing region in Belgium, our 8% abv Poperinge Sasion IPA is made, this time, with hops sourced from around the world, and is fermented with our Saison yeast. Aromas of sweet pine, bubble gum, and a hint of lemon make this beer an easy drinking brew.

  • Germany

    Germany is the home of great beer and brauts. To celebrate this great culture we brought in a true German Hefeweizen yeast and some new-to-market German hops; Polaris and Huell Melon. The combination of these hops and yeast make for aromas of clove, and slight banana. Made with 40% wheat this is an easy drinker. Prost!

  • XXXV Watermelon Saison

    Few things say that summer is truly here more than watermelon season. For our second summer brewing this beer we decided to up the ante and beat the heat by adding an additional 200 pounds of watermelon to last years recipe. Grand total: 600 pounds of fresh, seasonal watermelon in your glass. Happy 4th.

  • Pallino Wit Biere

    At 5.5%, this Belgian style wit biere is the essence of spring. It is light with a floral nose, and with hints of lemon and chamomile. The beer has a creamy wheat body that finishes dry, crisp and citrusy. We promise it will feel like sunshine in a glass.

  • Lunatic Blonde

    This ale is made with Belgian noble hops and our Belgian yeast. This combination imparts a wonderfully complex, spicy, clove aroma and subtle dried apricot and biscuit-like flavor. This golden ale is a wonderful entry-level Belgian beer for anyone unsure of Belgian styles. Enjoy Lunatic with our artisanal cheese board or French fries.

  • Reticent Saison

    This is our house saison made in the tradition of the farmhouses in Belgium. We ferment this ale in our open fermentation room to allow the saison yeast to create as much flavor as possible. Reticence is brewed with oats (giving a silky mouthfeel) rye (adding a slight spicy character) and all noble hops, making this an extremely authentic saison.

  • Black Currant Dubbel ***Tapped Saturday (7/26)

    Currants are one of those fruits often left behind in the berry world. In the beer world, however, they make a wonderful compliment to Belgian ales. We brewed this Dubbel with 88 pounds of black currants yielding aromas of rich dried fruit with flavors of bright, tart berries to follow.

  • Reverence Brett Pale

    This beer is made in reverence of Orval trappist ale. Brewed as a Belgian pale ale, then finished with Brettanomyces and aged in Cabernet barrels for 6 months. After the aging, we blended the beer and dry-hopped it with traditional Belgian hops to accentuate the floral character of the beer.

  • Divergence Brett Porter

    This brettanomyces porter is made with dry fermented Ethiopian coffee from Mountain Air roasters. Although there is no fruit in this beer, there are amazing flavors of cherry and dark berries that meld seamlessly together with flavors of bourbon from the wood barrels.

  • 'Merica Gone Wild

    Remember ‘Merica from last year? Well in the true spirit of patriotism we took that beer put it in barrels, added brett, and dosed it with the good ‘ol red, white, and blue – strawberries, blueberry, and lychee. These fruits aged with ‘Merica for a year, and then to really seal the deal for ‘Ol Glory we added 340 pounds of more fruit. That’s a pound and a half per gallon. ‘Merica ya’ll: land of the free, home of the brett.

  • Passiflora Blanc

    This white ale is a blend of barrel aged Berlinner Weisse and brett bear that was then re-fermented on passion fruit and hibiscus. This beer is super effervescent and reminiscent of a tart French Rose wine. Perfect for a hot summer’s day.

  • Bretticent

    This traditional saison is brewed using North Carolina grown barley, wheat, and rye from Riverbend Malthouse and is open fermented. The beer is then finished with Brettanomyces.

  • Genesis Blonde Sour

    This ale is 6.6% abv and our first venture into barrel aged American wild ales. To create this delicious sour, we began by brewing a blonde saison, which we then fermented with our proprietary Wicked Wild strain of yeast. After fermentation, we added mango, papaya and guava and moved this beer into petite verdot barrels where it aged for six months. Genesis is tart and tropical with notes of musty hay and citrus.

  • Serenity Wild Ale

    This beer won the Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal for Brettanomyces beer in 2013. Its soft blonde color hides the complexity that comes from 100% Brettanomyces open fermentation and Sauvignon Blanc barrel aging. This is a wonderful entry from our Funkitorium beers.