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Artistry Series I & II


Our medium is beer and we draw inspiration from artisans in every medium to craft new creations. The painting on this label, by local artist Noelle Miller, is a perfect expression of the interconnectedness of our community.

Artistry Series I is a Barrel-Aged American Sour Ale fermented with cherries, mangoes, and lime zest.

This wine-barrel aged sour ale with tropical, cherry, and citrus notes combines flavors and cultures from different sources that, when blended, create and entirely new art form.

Artistry Series II is a Double India Pale Ale.

The second beer in our artistry series, this double IPA combines traditional West Coast hops with an innovative dry-hop of Cryo Mosaic and Cryo Ekuanot, which contain cryogenically separated lupulin. Resinous and juicy, this DIPA propels tropical hop flavor into an entirely new work of art.

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