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Bourbon Barrel Oblivion

Sour Red Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Blackberries and Dates


Dust enveloped the sky as the lander set down on the fiery dirt. Drei reported his location, prayed for a response. Nothing. He looked again at the worn photo of his wife. In his desperation, Drei hardly noticed the luminous glow emitting from a giant cave ahead. As Drei stepped toward the glow, the earth before him shifted, cracked, and crumbled into a dark abyss. He stared at the vastness, and the glowing creatures emerged, casting their light against the black. The beauty overwhelmed him, and he nearly forgot — this was the end.

This long-awaited iteration of Oblivion is fermented with double the amount of blackberries and dates typically found in our flagship sour red ale. Aged in flavorful Kentucky bourbon barrels this beer is then artfully blended to enhance the intense fruit and higher abv.

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