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Pub Updates


BrewPub: Mon-Sun, 11:00am-11pm

Funkatorium: Mon-Sun, 11:00am-11pm


Wicked Weed Brewing is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for both our employees and guests during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In accordance with this commitment, the following actions and preventative measures have been implemented at both the Wicked Weed Brewing Pub and Funkatorium locations.

We have developed numerous safety procedures to ensure all staff are trained to keep facilities as clean and disinfected as possible. Our main reopening and restaurant safety procedures have been reviewed by the NC State Extension Safe Plates Food Safety Program Team to meet State COVID-19 safety guidance.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may not include all safety requirements implemented. We strive to meet all Local, State, and Federal requirements to maintain cleanliness and a high level of safety at all times.

  • Employee Safety
    • Employee Entrance – Detailed process for all employees entering the facility including Temperature Checks, Health Screening Checklist, and Hand Sanitizer and Hand Washing.
      • Employees are asked not to report for work if they have a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms.
    • PPE – Face Coverings required for all employees.
    • Training and Posters on proper hygiene and social distancing practices including:
      • Social Distancing Rules (6 ft. separation)
      • Hand washing and use of hand sanitizer
      • Avoiding handshakes and touching of the eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
    • Frequent communication to all staff about COVID-19 symptoms and methods to reduce exposure and the spread of the virus.
  • Customer / Guest Safety
    • Wicked Weed Brewing will follow all State and Local requirements to maintain cleanliness and a high level of safety at all times.
    • To mitigate Covid-19 spread, face coverings must be worn in all indoor public settings with multiple people, other than household members, regardless of the ability to socially distance by 6 feet.
    • All businesses must require its employees and any guests to wear face coverings at all times and deny entry to anyone not willing to wear the face-covering, except anyone who is excepted from the requirement.
    • All persons must wear face coverings outside unless they are able to socially distance by 6 ft.
    • Restaurants, breweries, and any retail business must require all employees and guests to wear face coverings at all times, even while at tables unless actively eating or if excepted from the requirement. The order expressly imposes an enforceable legal duty on the business to enforce the face-covering requirement and could be cited for failure to enforce. Customers also have the legal duty to comply with the requirement.
    • Adjusted our table layout to limit our seating to 50% of normal capacity and allow for social distancing between tables. 
    • All tables, chairs, and menus are cleaned and disinfected in between each guest.
    • All frequently touched items such as door handles, light switches, and host stands will be frequently cleaned and disinfected. The entire facility will be deep cleaned every night.
    • Restrooms will be inspected and cleaned frequently.
    • Customers will have their choice of traditional glassware/flatware/cutlery or single-use plastic cup/single-use compostable flatware/single-use compostable cutlery.
    • Customers will have their choice of receiving beverages in glassware, plastic cups, or can/bottle.
    • Customer will have their choice of viewing the menu via QR code or traditional hard copy menu that will be sanitized after each use.
    • Touchless payment options are available.
    • Signs are posted, customer waiting areas are marked, and designated entry/exit pathways are setup to recommend social distancing practices.
    • Hand sanitizer stations are setup for guests to use as they enter.
    • Windows and roll-up doors are left often as must as possible to keep fresh air in the space.
    • All faucets and soap dispensers are touch-free.
    • Door foot pulls are installed on most doors to eliminate need to touch door handles.