Wicked Weed Brewing and its owners are 100% committed and extremely passionate about giving back to the WNC Community and to reaching beyond those local boundaries whenever time and funds are available. That said, we will always focus our primary charitable efforts and financial support in Asheville, Buncombe County and WNC, knowing that businesses in surrounding areas of the state and region will also help support their local and regional charities, especially those in desperate need of the basic daily requirements of life.

With this in mind, Wicked Weed Brewing will pinpoint our charitable and voluntary efforts to help provide the essential food, shelter, utilities, clothing, medial support, safety and educational needs to non-profit organizations that are serving the less fortunate in the WNC community. Although this will not be our sole vision and purpose, it will most definitely be our priority.

Finally, other than the individual specific requests from our 200 plus employees and their families, we will most likely not be able to sponsor sports teams, motor racing and athletic events, private non-profit functions, auctions and other fundraisers that are not locally supporting the needs that we have outlined above.

Thank you,

Wicked Weed Brewing