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Home of the Funk

Located in the South Slope of Asheville, the Funkatorium is the East Coast’s first sour beer dedicated taproom. Featuring over a dozen varieties of these styles on draught, visitors can expect a full immersion into the old world way of experiencing and appreciating beer along with a creative food menu. Head to our new expanded outdoor Biergarten to sip on sours and Rosé on draught, open seasonally. Scroll down for photos of our updated space!


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India Pale Ale
OG: 1.061%

Pernicious implies influence that is harmful in a way not easily noticed. This beer is harmful, not because of overwhelming hop bitterness, but because its balanced brightness insidiously ruins your expectations for all other IPAs. This hop delivery vehicle is crafted to enjoy fresh and often and because of its drinkability and clean finish you’ll never look at IPAs the same again. The harm is done.

Black Sour Ale Aged on Tart Cherries in Bourbon Barrels
OG: 1.056%

Black Angel is aged in bourbon barrels on over 1.5 pounds per gallon of tart Michigan Montmorency cherries. It rests in the barrels for approximately 9 months and is then artfully blended to achieve complexity.

Gin Barrel-Aged Sour Ale Fermented with Watermelon and Basil

Sandiaca is an American sour ale aged in fresh gin barrels with brisk basil and bright watermelon. This botanical, tropical, and herbal sour ale showcases the complexity of our house culture in conjunction with the finest produce and barrel-aging. Once this beer reaches its peak, we blend the gin barrels to attain the perfect resonance of Rayburn Farms, North Carolina-grown basil and refreshing watermelon in a sour ale.

Brettanomyces Farmhouse Ale with Grapes

Inspired by rosé wines, La Bonté Rosé is fermented with our house brettanomyces culture. This beer is then blended with a portion of golden sour onto a half pound per gallon of small-batch Gewürztraminer grapes and Cascade skins from the 2018 harvest in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. It is then aged in stainless and in our Foeder until it reaches wine-like perfection.


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Session India Pale Ale

This easy-drinking session IPA boasts huge hop flavor and aroma from Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, and Motueka hops, with low bitterness and low ABV. Additionally, a portion of proceeds from this session IPA benefit the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, which protects our mountains and water.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Milk Stout Brewed with Golden Raisins, Cinnamon, and Vanilla

Crafting the ultimate comfort beer was a winter challenge we happily embraced. Our Milk and Cookies Stout is a cold weather classic, and this version cranks up the comfort through barrel aging. We entrusted our Imperial Milk Stout with Golden raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla into the warming embrace of Kentucky Bourbon barrels to carry us home for the holidays.

Relax. Drink up. You’re home.

Fresh Pressed 2

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Wheat ale with pineapple & mango.

Cultura Blend 2 Unfruited

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Cultura Blend 2 Fruited with Local Peaches

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Light lager, only 110 calories per pint!


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Blended Appalachian spontaneous ale.

Brettanomyces Farmhouse Ale Fermented with Peaches
OG: 1.05%

Garcon de Ferme is a foeder-rested, brettanomyces farmhouse ale. After fermentation, this pleasantly tart ale is blended back onto over a pound and a half per gallon of fresh, whole peaches to reflect and echo that the craft of the old has not been wasted on the young.

Ferme de Chien

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FERME DE CHIEN 5.8% abv cherries

Hazy IPA

The second beer to hit distribution in our Beers that Build series, a portion of the proceeds for this juicy IPA are donated to hurricane relief efforts in the Southeast.

Dark Arts

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Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Brett

Dark Arts was North Carolina’s first beer to reach the 15% ABV legal cap. The third incarnation of this annual Imperial Stout has been aged since October 2015 in Rum Barrels. This beer was brewed with brown sugar, agave, and honey, fermented using our house Brettanomyces culture. Dark Arts is ever the fulfillment of a goal we set for ourselves in the beginning: to not only strive for the cap, but to also craft a culmination beer, reflective of our love of all beer styles. Cheers to another year of reveling in the Darkness.

Cultura Blend 4

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Appalachian spontaneous ale

Cultura Blend 1 Unfruited

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Cultura Blend 1 Fruited with NC Blackberries

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Cultura Blend 3 Fruited with Muscadine Grapes

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Cultura Blend 3 Unfruited

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Wicked Weed ciders pay homage to local terroir. Apple orchards checker the mountainsides of Western North Carolina, and we are proud to give this staple of local agriculture new life as cider. Our cider is fermented in our 2,000 gallon oak foeders with Brettanomyces harvested from local apples to lend a rustic, earthy, and dry character. This refreshing cider then conditions to develop complexity and depth.

Imperial Stout Variety Pack

Guilty Pleasures four pack includes Weed Brownie imperial stout with hemp like flavors, Milk & Cookies imperial milk stout with golden raisins and vanilla, S’mores imperial stout with chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon, and German Chocolate Cake imperial stout with chocolate and coconut.

Session Sour with Watermelon and Dragon Fruit

Burst into an explosion of tart fruit flavor that refreshes your senses with every sip. Vibrant colors, fresh fruits, and a quenching tartness make Burst Session Sour a vivid new beer experience.


Rum Barrel-Aged Sour Pumpkin Ale with Ginger
OG: 1.061%

Pompoen is a sour red ale brewed with pumpkin. Aged for over a year in rum barrels, the addition of charred ginger lends a subtle spice and depth to this autumnal sour ale.

Farmhouse Ale with Berries & Honey
OG: 1.048%

Brettaberry, a tart farmhouse ale, is inspired by freshly baked berry pie. Featuring a half-pound per gallon of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, the acidity of the berries with the rustic funk of our house culture are rounded by the flaky crust finish of Haw Creek Honey, Riverbend Pilsner and wheat malts. From our summer memories to yours, cheers.


Dry-Hopped Brettanomyces Farmhouse Ale Fermented with Nectarines

Part of our Canvas Series, this dry-hopped brett farmhouse ale is barely tart and lightly bitter with big nectarine and lychee notes.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Brewed with Coffee

Double India Pale Ale
OG: 1.071%

Freak of Nature. Noun. 1. An unusual, unexpected natural phenomenon. 2. An outlying, west coast style double India Pale Ale brewed with an abnormally large quantity of hops. 3. A delicately crafted, and crushable ale designed for fresh and immediate consumption. 4. A hophead vice or downfall. Ex: Though warned about its habit-forming hoppiness, they were seduced by the dank, tropical, and drinkable Freak of Nature.


Session India Pale Ale

This easy-drinking session IPA boasts huge hop flavor and aroma from Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, and Motueka hops, with low bitterness and low ABV. Additionally, a portion of proceeds from this session IPA benefit the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, which protects our mountains and water.


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