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Jen Currier - Head Winemaker
Jen Currier - Head Winemaker

As sour brewers, we’ve always been drawn to wine, as the two beverages often are shared atop the tables of our homes amongst family and friends. Our sour beer is inspired by everything from the flavor profiles of our favorite reds, to the approaches the best vintners use to treat their grapes. So, it was only a matter of time before we delved into intentional winemaking ourselves.

Our grapes come from the same hallowed ground as many of our hops: Yakima Valley, Washington. Through many different treatments, vessels, and fermentations, we’ve created a diverse portfolio of wines that reflect our passion as both drinkers and makers. These truths we hold self-evident: fruit is life, fermentation is alchemy, and wine is vīdl.


Alicante/Tempranillo Sparkling Red

Alicante Bouschet
Carbonic maceration
Stainless steel
Native yeast
No Sulfites Added
13.0% ABV

This unfiltered, native-fermented sparkling red wine is liquid joy. Carbonic maceration softens the hardy Alicante, making it the jammy counterpart to earthy Tempranillo. After two weeks of maceration in stainless steel, this wine was racked into spent oak for aging and conditioning. It is light, fruity, and full of vibrant bubbles.

Vidl Winery, Brewery, Cidery

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