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Metatropics Release

Our love of Tropicale IPA from Brasserie Trois Dames inspired our most recent collaboration. Not just in terms of the beer, but the artwork, as well. We wanted to emulate the same tropical fruit flavors in that IPA, but put our Brett Farmhouse Ale spin on it. Featuring pineapple, mango, grapefruit, and passion fruit, Metatropics is a deconstructed look at an IPA. Fall has crept in, but this beer has us harkening back to summer in the best possible way. Huge thanks to Raphael and his team at #BrasserieTroisDames for being a part of this with us, and allowing us to be a part of your world. Available today at the Funkatorium and Brewpub. Limited distro next week. Cheers to friends.
Check out the art inspiration: