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Hour changes this week: Thursday Cultura is closed - Saturday Funkatorium is closed all day, Cultura opens at noon - Wicked Weed West closes at 5pm on Saturday

Red Angel Release 3/31/16

2017 Red Angel will be released March 31st starting at 5pm at the Funkatorium. The Funkatorium will be CLOSED until 5pm. Alongside its release, we’ll have a live DJ, a special tapas menu, and older vintages of White, Golden, and Angel of Darkness on tap. If you want to show up wearing all Red, we wouldn’t hate that. No pressure, though. You do you.
UPDATE: Due to potentially inclement weather, we will be handing out numbered wristbands starting at 2pm, so that you can then leave and get yourself out of the rain. We will ask that you show back up at 4:00pm, find your numerical spot in line, and we will start selling bottles at 5pm. 1 case limit.