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Regarding 2016 Golden Angel (Updated)

Update: Here at Wicked Weed, we love being a mixed culture brewery and all the complexity that comes with it. With that, after the bottle shock/refermentation issue we saw in this year’s Golden Angel, we have put in new fail-safes to make sure we never see a reoccurrence of the issue. We’ve kept a close watch on Golden Angel 2016 since its release, running lab tests and weekly sensory analyses of the beer. We have seen a steady increase in the quality of the beer, and a reduction in sulphur compounds. Each bottle is undergoing its own unique refermentation, and all are progressing towards becoming the beer we intended. As of right now, we cannot guarantee that every bottle is 100% perfect, but we can say that overall we have seen a significant reduction in off-flavors in the past few months. We will continue to give updates on the bottles as we monitor their progression.
We are still accepting buybacks of this year’s’ bottles until December 31st, and are also offering a bottle 2015 Golden Angle as a thank you for your loyalty and patience. We also understand that every situation is different, and are handling issues on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please do not hesitate to email us at We produce these beers because of the journey, beauty, and complexity that accompany brewing with mixed culture. We thank you again for your patience as we continue to monitor this situation.
Original Post:
What we do each and every day is a complex combination of art and science. The unique relationship that we create with our house blended culture of wild yeasts and bacteria is one that has brought us great joy, and has also allowed us to create beers that we believe are extremely special.
That said, all relationships can become unpredictable at times. For all of our loyal Wicked Weed Brewing fans who recently purchased Golden Angel bottles we wanted to inform you that even though this beer has been in the bottle for over a month (with us personally monitoring its flavor development) the organisms in some of the bottles have undergone additional fermentation.
The week of the release, our team tasted several bottles of of Golden Angel and all samplings cleared our sensory panel and we felt confident in the stability of the beer. However, as of this past weekend it seems that bottles are going through additional fermentation, and we believe that this is being caused by the massive amount of apricot solids still in suspension.
With this in mind, the affected bottles are producing sulphur compounds that impact the aromatic nature of the beer. This, in turn, has lead to an overall sensory experience that is not up to our standards. We take this extremely seriously and are confident that Golden Angel will be the beer we all know and love once the organisms complete this refermentation in the bottle.
Our number one priority at this time is to ensure your complete satisfaction, and also to retain your utmost confidence in Wicked Weed Brewing and our products. That said, we respectfully request that you do one of two things:
1) Please store your Golden Angel bottles in a dark space that is between 60 and 75 degrees and wait 30 to 60 days for refermentation to complete. Our sensory team will be monitoring the progress of the beer and we will be providing updated information as it becomes available.
2) If you’d prefer not to wait for the beer to “age out” please feel free to reach out to us for a full buyback of your Golden Angel purchase. Please contact us at
Buyback Policy:
– If you want to refund for the beer bottles they must be returned to the Funkatorium during normal business hours. We will accept returns for the next 6 months at the Funkatorium starting 6/29/2016.
– You will receive a check for the full purchase amount of the bottles with proof of purchase and ID. (Either receipt and/or bank statement in addition to the purchased bottles.)
– We accept that up to 2 bottles per purchase may have been opened, so we can still refund you for those bottles.
– For questions, concerns or further information on storing or returning your bottles please reach out to us at All requests will be handled in person or via email. All phone calls to the Brewpub and/or Funkatorium will be directed back to email.
As a thank you for your continued support, if you purchased 6 or more bottles (either at the day-of sale, or through pre-sale) you will be gifted a bottle of vintage 2015 Golden Angel. Proof of purchase and ID necessary.
If you are a fan of what we do, you will know that consistency and quality are what drive us, and that we will always strive to produce the very best beer that we know how to make. We are confident that with time your Golden Angel will be the same beautiful beer that we know from our past.
We thank you so much for your support and patience, and please know that we are completely committed to making sure that every Wicked Weed experience exceeds your highest expectations.
Walt Dickinson
Head Blender / Owner
Wicked Weed Brewing