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A Statement to our Employees & Patrons

We wanted to take a moment and address recent conversations surrounding political donations. Our goal is to remain completely open and transparent with our employees, patrons, and community and thus we want everyone to know exactly where we stand on important issues and just how proud we are of the company that we represent.

Earlier in 2020, one of our original founders made political contributions to Madison Cawthorn, the newly elected House of Representatives member for District 11. When political contributions are made, donors are prompted to disclose employment information, and Wicked Weed was named.  Although the founder retired in 2018, Wicked Weed was listed as the employer.

Wicked Weed Brewing has never donated to any political parties or candidates since our founding in 2012. We have also never supported PACs (Political Action Committees) to direct funds to candidates on behalf of the brewery itself. Our efforts and capital are better spent on what we know and love – beer (and wine, and cider, and incredible food), our wonderful community, and supporting our awesome employees.

Our company consists of nearly 325 widely varying viewpoints and belief systems. That’s part of what makes us such a great organization. Although we share many values and common goals as a team, individual beliefs (particularly political ideologies) and personal contributions are something we will never attempt to influence and these decisions will always be solely left up to individual employees.

We want to reiterate what we DO support.  We support all of you in your rights to a voice and a vote; we stand for equality and firmly condemn racism or violence of any kind.  We are committed to doing our part to support our employees, patrons, and community to ensure that Wicked Weed Brewing remains equitable and accessible for all. This approach guides all of our monetary and in-kind giving to ensure that our contributions are fully aligned with our core values.

We remain dedicated to the safety and well-being of all of you.

Below you can review a list of all the organizations Wicked Weed Brewing donated to in 2020

  •         Asheville Area Firefighter Association
  •         YMCA Nutrition Dept & Community Emergency Response Fund
  •         Organic Grower’s School
  •         Patchwork Farms (Bountiful Cities)
  •         Feed Asheville West (Bountiful Cities)​
  •         Southern Poverty Law Center
  •         Our Voice
  •         Southside Kitchen
  •         AB Tech Scholarship Fund
  •         Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy
  •         Spiritual Fusions
  •         National Independent Venue Association
  •         Riverkeeper
  •         Cajun Navy
  •         Feed the Soul Foundation
  •         Tranzmission
  •         American Recycling of WNC
  •         Campaign for Southern Equality
  •         MANNA FoodBank
  •        Food Connection
  •         YMI Cultural Center
  •         Asheville Sister Cities
  •         Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity
  •         Surf Rider Foundation – Cape Fear Chapter
  •         Coastal Conservation League
  •         Volunteer FloridaFoundation
  •         Marcos Patriots
  •         Asheville Grown Business Alliance
  •        Montford Park Players