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Due to COVID-19 concerns, this tour is currently on hold. Stay tuned for updated information, we look forward to showing you around soon!

Wicked Weed is proud to present the Maker’s Tour, a collaborative tour experience highlighting several local purveyors that help us to make our beer world-class.

This tour is designed to show our guests that there are more people involved in beer-making than just the brewers. Our 3+ hour tour around Asheville will offer insight into the creation process of local makers who lovingly craft the finest-quality ingredients. During your time with us you will get to see, smell, and taste how their work has helped make our beer amazing. Our chauffered tour offers a variety of beer (and chocolate!) samples, and gives our guests the opportunity to take some of that wonderful hard work back home with them.

The Maker’s Tour is on Winter Break for the season, but will return in Spring 2020. Please check back in March to sign up for this one-of-a-kind local tour experience!

Check Back Soon!

Way more than just a beer tour! Hands down, this was the COOLEST tour I’ve ever been on. It was really awesome to meet the different partnerships and collaborations Wicked Weed has around the community. And learning about those individual processes was even better! I highly recommend this tour, especially if you’ve gone on your fair share of brewery tours before!”

“A great experience all around! Our guide went above and beyond to make the entire experience amazing. Each stop along the tour was memorable and filled with great info. The hosts at each stop were so enthusiastic and passionate about their work/art and it showed! From start to finish, every moment was great. This was the highlight of our weekend.”